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How to survive an earthquake? 4 Basic Tips

how to survive an earthquake

Natural disasters occur everywhere around the world and cause mayhem to people in various countries each year. And even with several technological advancements of our current generation, we still can’t be certain that our lives will keep running at the same pace forever. That’s because natural disasters like earthquakes are nearly impossible to predict even with the help of our most advanced scientific machines and equipment.

In its essence, Earthquake is one of those natural disasters that are very hard to predict and that’s why it is capable of wrecking countless lives instantaneously. Earthquake is the result of compression in the crust of Earth when two blocks of tectonic plates slid past each other. The shifting of masses that we call tectonic plates releases an immense amount of pressure and energy in the form of shockwaves. And in time, we feel these shockwaves as earthquakes in our daily lives when it begins shaking the ground on which our houses, offices, shopping malls, bridges, and roads are constructed.

Despite the fact that earthquakes are impossible to predict (precisely), we can lay out a blueprint to minimize the damage caused by the earthquake and increase our survival rate. To further discuss the topic of how to survive an earthquake, let me point out 4 important tips for you to follow down below:

1-   #1 Tip: Take cover under something sturdy

One of the first things that you should do when an earthquake hits is to take cover. Many people know this as it’s a basic thing to know about surviving an earthquake. However, those same people tend to forget that the thing under which you plan to take cover during an earthquake must be strong enough to keep you safe from getting crushed by falling rubbles like concrete and walls. A large and sturdy piece of furniture will be good enough to get under and protect yourself. But if you hurriedly take cover under something that will break down easily then it might become your final decision.

Unless you are certain that the thing is strong enough on its own to protect you don’t go under it for protection. In addition to that, what you can do is try the ‘Triangle of life’ tactic while covering your face and head if you are stuck inside a building or your own house.

2-    #2 Tip: Stay away from stairs and windows

There are some things that must be avoided at all costs during an earthquake. Among such things are the stairs and windows of your house or any other building that is. Normally, people get frightened and confused when an earthquake hits them so they make exaggerated attempts to reach safety at all costs. And in doing so, they can put themselves and others in danger by choosing to go down the stairs to lower ground level or by planning to go through the window into an open area.

While stairs and windows are usually safe for people to use, they can be quite dangerous in situations when an earthquake is happening. Stairs can collapse under their own weight and the glasses on the windows can break and scatter all over the place. In both of these scenarios, you can get badly hurt. So, it’s highly recommended that you stay away from them at all costs.

3-    #3 Tip: Get to an open space

Everyone must know that earthquakes are deadly especially when you are inside a closed building or a room. Hence, heading outside will be the best option to be safe during an earthquake. But do keep in mind, that you must do this in such a manner that you don’t get trapped or crushed by the falling debris. Analyze your current situation carefully and then decide if you will be able to get to an open space in time or not. If you can do so then go for it but if you think that there is a slight chance of getting things wrong, then just follow the aforementioned points instead.

Having said that, once you reach an open area, you must still remain cautious of your surroundings and make sure to keep your distance from overhead wires, street lights, statues, or any other structure that might come down on you.

4-    #4 Tip: Find out the weak areas of your house

If the place where you are living with your loved ones is not safe then your chances of surviving an earthquake decrease drastically. You must be 100 percent sure that your house is secured from its foundation. Otherwise, when an earthquake hits your house, it can easily get collapsed due to the unpredictable movement of the ground. Therefore, one of the key things to keep in mind before an earthquake is to have a look around your house for some weak spots where earthquakes can inflict major damages.

Furthermore, if you do a survey of your house, you can learn about the overall strength of your house and carry out necessary measures to reinforce it. And in that way, your home will become strong enough to withstand the deadly force of mother nature which we call an earthquake.


Earthquakes are not something which you should take lightly. It can destroy many lives and hamper the daily livelihood of millions of people permanently. Hence, it is better to stay prepared and make yourself ready for these kinds of situations so that you can help yourself and others around you when the time comes.

*Photo Credit: Photo by Carl Campbell on Unsplash


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