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How to purify water at home? Tips & Advice

How to purify water at home

Water is something that genuinely plays a critical role in our daily lives. Our planet is mostly covered with water and life as we know it thrives on it mainly because of the presence of water. Likewise, we have now built our modern homes & cities while prioritizing the need of maintaining the supply of pure drinking water as no human can survive without drinking water. So, by living in these cities, most of us have don’t know what it feels like to live in a society where there is no access to water that is drinkable.

For this reason, we now take water for granted. And why not? After all, buying a bottle of clean drinking water is something so elementary nowadays that even a child can get it done. However, not every part of the world is like that. There are countless villages and rural communities that still struggle to bring in pure drinking water facilities even as we speak. Almost more than 1.1 billion people all over the world do not have access to water that is drinkable or useable in any form.

Furthermore, 2.3 billion people still face water scarcity at least once a month every year in various countries. Just take a look at the statistics shown by numerous qualified researchers and experts who claim that by the year 2050, half of the world’s entire population will face some form of long-term water shortage. Considering the above things, today I’ve come up with an article to help you learn some useful methods to clean water for various purposes like drinking and cooking.

Take a look down below to find out how you can clean dirty water with some basic household equipment.

1-    Boiling

Boiling Water

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At present, you can easily get your hands on a bottle or a cup of water if you are thirsty. And that too without putting much effort. Most modern cities have water treatment plants where they purify the water from rivers and lakes before making it available for the public to use. However, when you find yourself in a very heart-rending, desperate situation where you don’t have access to clean drinking water and the water which you have access to is vividly dirty. Then, you will need to purify the water by your own effort if you wish to quench your thirst or remain alive that is.

So, one of the first and most popular ways to make sure that the water which you have access to gets decontaminated is by boiling it. Water that comes from an unknown source has a high chance of being contaminated with various biological viruses and bacteria. However, most of the harmful bacteria tend to die out after boiling the water for a few minutes at 100degree Celsius. Having said that, boiling does not fully guarantee your safety as other types of pollutants like lead can still remain in the water even after boiling it. Nonetheless, when a person doesn’t have access to clean drinking water, boiling becomes the most efficient method of purifying water.

2-    Distillation

Distilled Water

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Water has the solvent properties to dissolve many organic and chemical compounds. So, even when you find water that looks clean to the naked eye, you can’t be 100 percent sure that the water is safe to drink. For the sake of the argument, let’s take an example of ocean water that is very salty as salt is dissolved in the water in a large volume. And even if you drink it, it will do you no good. Hence, in those instances, distilling water can help you purify and cleanse the water of impurities like salt from ocean water.

Steps to make distilled water:

a)    Dig a hole that is at least 3 feet deep in a sunny location.
b)    Place a cup or a container in which you can collect water at the center of the hole.
c)    Fill the hole with water that you want to distill. (But do be careful not to let the water into your cup/container while doing so.)
d)    Cover up the hole in the ground with a square plastic and place dirt around the edges of the plastic to seal it.
e)    Place a stone in the center of the plastic or anything that can weigh down the plastic right above the cup.
f)    Now you just need to wait for the water to condense and slowly gather up inside your cup for you to drink.

3-    Filters

Water Filters

Photo by Robert Ritchie on Unsplash

Last but not the least, there is a filtration method that you can count on to purify your water. Many water sources can’t be relied on and so it's hard to trust that the water which looks pretty clean is safe to drink or not. It doesn’t matter if you are facing huge water scarcity in your locality or lost your way on a school field trip, you can always cleanse the water if you have a form of water filter like LifeStraw Personal Water Filter & LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle.

Recently, water filter bottles have become quite popular as they are convenient to carry around during a hike or a trek. They are light and small so they can fit into your bags easily. But you can also carry them in your hands without any problem. What’s more, is that they do not cost too much. Besides that, there has been a huge breakthrough in the advancement of these filters. Due to this, they can now filter out more pollutants and biological contaminants more than ever before.


I know it can be daunting to choose the right and convenient filtration method to purify your water. However, if you do manage to read and go through the entire article, you will find out that I’ve narrowed down the three best options for you to choose from. So, with that, I hope you are now better prepared and ready to clean dirty water for you to drink.

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*Credit for the main blog image at the very top goes to LuAnn Hunt on Unsplash

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